Golden Hylite’s Connor The Highlander

Shetland Sheepdog

1995-2010 My mega-Sheltie with the biggest heart and the

gentlest temperament who lived to please.

♥My Big, Sweet, Goofy Boy♥

Golden Hylite’s Stryder

The gentle, sweet King and always my heart dog.


In our hearts




Dusty was the sweetest cat as he was cuddley and affectionate. Unfortunately her was 8.5 years old when I adopted him from the shelter and he had many medical problems.  I was very grateful that I was able to spend his last couple of years comforting him and taking care of him.  He was a sweetheart!  I want to thank Dr. Thomas and her staff for all teh care they provided for him.  He will never be forgotten.


He loved, plastic bags to sleep on, chewing wires (he was sooo bad every electrical cord in our house has tape on it –  layers of it), he loved ice cream and we know he loved us too… And he used to say “MOM”… we sure miss him…