Mono Veterinary Clinic Professional Corporation opened its doors in March of 1989 as the third small animal clinic in the immediate Orangeville area. Since its inception, the clinic has operated as a solo practice, run by Dr. Gudrun Thomas aka Goodie.

The focus of the practice is health maintenance for dogs and cats. The hospital provides routine medical and surgical procedures. Technically difficult surgeries are either referred out to one of the many specialty practices close to Orangeville, or if possible provided by Dr. Rousseau, a traveling veterinary surgeon.

Radiography is provided in house, as is ultrasonography via Dr. de Langley who visits as required to provide that service. Laboratory services are provided by Vita-Tech, a huge human/veterinary lab in Don Mills. We get courier service to the lab twice a day resulting in fast turnaround times for test results. In the clinic itself, fecals, urinalyses, skin scrapings, CBCs and various other simple tests are carried out for as-you-wait service.

Our Patients:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Pocket Pets