Jan 06 2008

January 2008

Urinary Calculi

This little Shih Tzu was passing pure blood and very little at that.  Here we are in surgery with the bladder incised and removing the first of 12 uroliths.

Urinary calculi are stone-like objects that fom in the urinary system. The most common location for formation of these “stones” is the urinary bladder. The kidneys are the next most common location for stone formation. The most common bladder stones form only in the presence of a urinary tract infection. Some dogs do not show any signs during the early stage of stone formation, while others show frequent urination of small quantities of urine, straining to urinate, and blood in the urine. As the condition progresses, signs usually intensify. Some pets may become unable to urinate.

In male dogs, small bladder stones may exit the bladder and become lodged in the urethra, blocking the passage of urine. Stones most frequently lodge in the portion of the urethra located at the base of the penis. Urinary blockage is a medical emergency.

Treatment of urinary calculi consists of removal of the stones, either by dissolving them through feeding of a special diet or with surgery, and treatment of any infection. After treatment, normal urinary tract health must be maintained to prevent recurrence and this is primarily by feeding the correct prescription diet.

Except for a few small stones not picture, this is the sum of what was in that dog’s bladder. Poor girl!

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Our Clinic

Mono Veterinary Clinic Professional Corporation opened its doors in March of 1989 as the third small animal clinic in the immediate Orangeville area. Since its inception, the clinic has operated as a solo practice, run by Dr. Gudrun Thomas aka Goodie.

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Emergency Process When the office is closed veterinary services are provided by Emergency Veterinary Clinic Hwy 10 in Brampton. This clinic is located on the southeast corner of Wexford and Hwy 10, one light south of Fishermans Drive. The number there is 905-495-9907. They are open from 7 pm to 8 am Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, and then from Friday nights at 7 pm straight through until Monday 8am. They are also open on stat holidays. If your pet is hospitalized overnight and needs to come back to us, please note that their pickup time is between 7 and 7:30a. We are normally not open until 8:30a. If you would leave a message on our office phone 519-941-6383 we will do our very best to meet you at the clinic well before 8:30a.